Question about open url in external browser

Hi, I use ExeOutput v1.7, trident engine and in my app i have several link to open url in external browser, this is the common syntax

the link is effectively opened in my predefined external browser but when i click to the link for a moment is opened a blank popup and only after it open the url in my browser. Is it possibile to avoid the popup?
tnx in advance

You can try _heopenit or _heexternal as target parameter for your links. If you don’t see how you can do that, search the doc for the two parameters, you’ll find samples.

Have the same issue. When link is clicked, for a short moment a blank EXEoutput window opens, closes and then the default browser opens target link.

Never found a way to prevent and decided to just live with it. Or use Chromium if possible.

i already use _heexternal as target but as i told it open for a fake popup for a split second.

unfortunately chromium engine has several problem, eg it’s afflicted by memory leak.

The fake popup is the normal behavior. It can’t be avoided although the EXE tries to close the popup as soon as it appears.