Question about working with 32 and 64 bit?

I have cliënt who work with 32 and 64 bit machines. I often go to cliënts and get the excel copy from the cliënts to work in.

I have only a 32bits version of Excel installed on my computer. Is possible to work with 64 bits also on a 32 bits machine?

It is very uneasy to need two computers one 32 bits and 64 bits.

Thank you for your answer in advance


In order to generate 64-bit files, a computer with a 64-bit version of Windows is required. You can
download and activate your copy of XLS Padlock on it, since we allow
installation on up to 2 computers.

If you have Windows 64-bit installed on your laptop, then you could build 64-bit EXE files, even with the
32-bit version of XLS Padlock.

If you don’t have a 64-bit version, you can set up a virtual machine with Windows inside. Free Windows
versions are provided here: