Random crashing

Hi there,

I’ve sent an email to your support address but I’ve decided to post here too as we could do with a solution sooner rather than later. Since our update to HTMLexe 4 we’ve found our application has become very unstable. It seems to randomly crash out with no error message and we’ve been unable to track down exactly what the problem is. Note that this is unique to HE4 - the application is stable in the browser (IE7+) and within HE3.6

We’ve discovered today that setting the NoForceIEStandardsMode setting has reduced the number of crashes significantly but it can still occur. Any suggestiions?

In the mean time, is there an internal function we can call to force HTMLexe to save it’s state file on demand? The problem would be a lot less offensive if the user didn’t lose their progress for that session every time the crash occurs.


Is it possible for you to send us your publication EXE file so we can test what is wrong?
You can zip it, and upload the archive to http://demo.ovh.com/en. This is a free and ad-free secure hosting service: after upload, they will give you a URL. Please send me this URL so I can download the Zip archive.

Yes, you can save the state file with HEScript: use SynchronizeGlobalVar (search in the help for a description).

Excellent - SynchronizeGlobalVar should do the trick in the short term.

I’ll upload a build this afternoon for you to look at.

Please try to enable the “NoMultiThreading” property like on this screenshot:

Thank you, we’ll look at it.