Read in Split Files

I can’t seem to find or figure out an answer to this.
I have a 1GB text file that I run through GSplit. It successfully splits the file into 5.
The first file created can be read just fine in any of the editors that I open it with.

Files 2-5 however can only be read using Notepad. Open them in LogViewer or SciTE, and the contents are unreadable. My only workaround is to first open them in Notepad, execute a save, close the file, and then they will open in the other two editors perfectly.
Have I missed a setting somewhere? I tried turning off GSplit tags already.


Maybe your file is stored in UTF-8 with a BOM? That would explain why the first piece is readable and others not. A BOM is a special byte inserted first in the file that is used by UTF8.