Read stream error - bug confirmed


I solved the below problem. The problem is if you do a combined 32 bit / 64 bit .exe compile. Then the below problem occurs. If you do one or the other or both separately there is no problem with the original sheet or the vba compiled code. Hope this helps you with your fantastic application!

I compile and my .exe work fine. Then I try and close my original workbook and it says I have a read stream error and need to recompile my vba code. So I open the VBA compiler, cut and paste the identical code back then then compile vba. Then when I open the workbook again it is fine and I can compile the .exe again.

Nothing unusual in the log. No major problem because recompiling the vba code without change fixes the problem everytime. But what am I doing wrong or is there a small bug?

[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] XLS Padlock 2019.0 Compilation Started
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] - Excel File: C:\Users\Simon\Documents\Star Trek Compile Master\StarTrek_Trekkie!Tracker.xlsm
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] - Output Path: C:\Users\Simon\Documents\Star Trek Compile Master\StarTrek_Trekkie!Tracker.exe
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] - Build EXE for Excel: Universal (single EXE file for both 32-bit and 64-bit, but larger)
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] Please wait while creating your secure application…
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] Applying formula protection to workbook…
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] Locking VBA Project…
[7/04/2019 6:46:51 PM] Generating 64-bit protection files…
[7/04/2019 6:46:57 PM] Generating 32-bit protection files and final EXE…
[7/04/2019 6:47:03 PM] Final cleanup…
[7/04/2019 6:47:03 PM] Done

Delete all .xplcode files you see in the same folder as your workbook file. Then open the VBA compiler and recompile the code.

Yes done this but problem always returns after compiling a combination 32 & 64 exe. I have to recompile my code or the read stream error returns.

Problem does not occur if 32 & 64 bit exes are compiled separately.

No. This does not solve the problem. The next time you compile as a combined 32/64 exe you have to repeat this procedure again before you can compile. Can you fix this bug?

Strange because we also compile 32/64 exe files and we are unable to reproduce this problem. When you said a combination 32 & 64 exe you meant a Universal EXE file?