Reenabling menu item

I use:
SetMenuProp(“muser_Mypage1”, “Enabled”, “FALSE”);
to disable menu item. How can I reenable it back to active state? TRUE as parameter doesn’t work.
Thanks a lot

True is indeed the way to enable the menu item. Doesn’t it work for you?
Have you tried:

SetMenuProp("muser_Mypage1", "Enabled", "1");

Yes, I have tried: “1”, “TRUE”, “ENABLE” and “” (I have Exeoutput last version 1.7). Please, can You try it Yourself in reality if it works for You? Does it rely on selected skin?
I’m sorry, the name of menu item is in fact “saveas” - SetMenuProp(“muser_saveas”, “Enabled”, “TRUE”); - but I hope it doesn’t matter.

Thanks a lot. Martin

I’m sorry, I have moved the SetMenuProp command into another event of UserMain script and it is working now OK. The right value is “TRUE”.
Thank You a lot for Your help and for this super program.
With best regards

Thank you for the follow-up!