Register and create File Association

Not sure whether this topic should lie with XLS Padlock or Paquet Builder?

I compile my program with XLS Padlock and then create setup with Paquet Builder. Is it absolutely necessary to register and create correct file association in Paquet Builder and what will the consequences be if I don’t follow this procedure?

Just to clarify, I am only referring to the XLSC file involved when saving data with program…no other “companion” files will be involved.

This seems to be a very difficult question to answer!
After compiling an Excel Work Book to EXE with XLS Padlock and then want to distribute your application, it seems that making an installer (Setup) with Paquet Builder would be the right way to go.
Paquet Builder Tutorial, paragraph 10 explains how to configure the installer to create the file association (.XLSC or .MBX as in their example).

My question: Will there be adverse effects afterwards (errors or crashes or any thing else), when running or using the program if you do not “Register File Association” (i.e. XLSC or MBX) in Paquet Builder? Is it absolutely necessary??

No, file association is completely optional. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do that or not.
Your program won’t crash if you don’t make associations.

Thank you, I was concerned about file association because, in some cases, I am not following this procedure.