REMOVE "Run Trial Version Of Program"


So i bought commercial edition and and I have issues. For one, a customer purchased the ebook via PayPal, i had the protect ebook client set up with reseller and PayPal as a reseller and the buyer of my ebook didnt get the acitivation code. I then added him in manually, he got the code but not the ebook.exe…also I noticed there it says “run trial version of program”, this defeats the whole acitivation thing as they can see my ebook by run trial version of pgoram…

If you do not want your customers to have any access to your ebook without registering (paying) first, double-click on Default in “Certificates” and tick “Do not allow access to the publication without prior registration”:

BTW Protect Ebook does not deliver EXE files to your customers (we may offer this feature in the future). You should upload the EXE file to your server or a file hosting service, and include the URL in the “Thank you” message for instance.