Request canceled and APPCRASH

Good afternoon. Exeoutput 2019.1.
I need to update data using AJAX. Such a code (the interval does not affect the penetration) sometimes causes canceled, which periodically, possibly, leads to the crash of the application.
In the Chrome browser, canceled does not occur in this code.
What can be done?


UPD: In the log file, this is marked as

PHP ERROR: System Error. Code: 233.

About how much time after the start do you get the crash?

Depends on the update interval. I noticed that sometimes error 233 goes away without crashing the application, sometimes crashing.
Does anyone know how to update data / page without error 233? Crone timer has the same problem.

Usually error 233 first occurs on approximately five hundredth request.

Have you checked system resources? Are they enough after such an amount of requests?

Of course enough - requests are sent sequentially. The problem exists for a long time and was described by many users in this thread - Blank page after redirect

Handling error



The error is not due to javascript or php code. The error occurs on the five hundredth call of the same page by any method (reload, ajax, cron). Try to refresh the page by adding such javascript code and after a while you will get error 233:


Have you try with :

$(document).ready(function AjaxServerStart(){

No difference. The problem is specifically in the PHP handler, since an error occurs on the 500th page access to the .php page. When updating / accessing other pages (.html, .txt, etc.), such problems do not arise.

Have you verify if path to server.php page is correct ?

Maybe you have to change the path where:

url: ‘/server.php’,


url: ‘folder_name/server.php’,

Have you read what I wrote above? The problem is not in the PHP or JS code, not in the accessibility of any file. Four hundred ninety-nine times the call is processed correctly, and PHP falls on the 500th call.

So it is not the php file path, good news:
So PHP ERROR: System Error. Code: 233, like said in your log file, is not a PHP error for you !

Maybe you find a solution using that link:
PHP ERROR System Error.Code 233

The problem described was fixed in V2019.1 but it looks like PHP.EXE can still crash for some reason in your specific case.We’ll try to reproduce your error. Can you describe what your /server.php script does?

It doesn’t matter what code in server.php - the code may even be absent (just an empty file) - an error always occurs with the same frequency. I tried to compile the exe file on different Windows systems (different versions, 32 and 64 bit versions) - error 233 also occurs. Exeoutput version 2019.1

All that is in Google on this issue I have already looked and tried.

This is a problem with EXEOut, not any type of code (php, js, etc). It still happens even though was “fixed” in 2019.1.

Finally gave up and moved on. Maybe it will get fixed…