Requiring in big apps


I have been testing exeoutput for about a week now and I will say it works well for basic php applications.

Currently am trying to complete an app with over 200 files but it looks like exeouput can’t handle big applications that have complex structures.

I get massive problems when executing files that require multiple other files, and yet my code works well in in all browsers, that includes firefox, chrome, opera and all versions of IE.

If anyone has used exeoutput to compile an application of this size and structure before please help me with the tricks you employed.

I have been reading through the exeoutput guides and posting all my smaller problems to-date and most of the solutions I got from this forum have worked.

For example I did the following:

  • I now enable all debugging options
  • I always turn on ‘Disable multithreading support’
  • I always enable ‘unpack all files into virtual memory’ for all files
  • And I compile php_mysql.dll into the application

So is there a solution to this big problem of mine?

I have to commend exeoutput. Atleast it can do most of what a web developer expects but at the moment it cant do all I need and yet I was really planning to buy a license this week.

dotkpay, it is not real server. You can’t expect that you copy&paste from server to this application and it will be working. Server is very complicated thing which is one of main part of application.
Exeoutput can handle get,post etc and put direct to your “homepage” php script to php.exe, response is output to rendering engine, IE (Trident) or WebKit

It can’t solve all your problems itself, you have to be good with php and you can solve all your problem yourself. This application is worth the price and definitely worth to buy it.
I am very happy that man like gdg exist, tried and found how to manage it to work together. He is very responsive, helpful and trying to go forward with this soft.
I tried some of similar project but i have to say that alternatives are waste of money. I tried ZZEE PHPExe, and Nusphere PhpDock.

is perfect, if the developer has good knowledge in PHP / JavaScript / Flash … … is the perfect tool to create great applications, the limitations are small compared to what you can create … Congratulations team G.D.G.