Restore from tray (SOLVED)


I am a bit new to HTML executable and I have a problem with my publication. When I close my publication it goes to the tray, but I want my publication to open after a given amount of time by calling a function in my HTML file which then calls for the appropiate HEscript. The problem is I have no clue how, since I could not find a OpenMainWindow (or similar) function/procedure in the htmlexe help section.

I searched this forum for a possible solution but came up empty, or with an possible solution that did not work.

So could someone tell me how and what to place in my HTML file to call the HEscript function (if its different then the standard ones)? And most importantly what function/procedure I need to place in my HEscript file?

Thank you very much and if you need more information let me know.


You can call the following internal function: TrayShowMainForm;

procedure MyEvent;

Thanks a lot. This was exactly what I needed for my publication to work. +1

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