Retrieving of PC System ID

Is it possible to retrieve the system ID from a command prompt or windows program without opening the compiled workbook ?

Unfortunately no. Why do you need this feature?

I think it would be nice if the user could get the key directly from my website and send the request for a license key straight away, instead of first open the actual workbook which can not be activated anayway before they have the license key.
Its just to make the activation process more user friendly (my opinion ofcourse).
I have also looked into the onlie activation key for a trial version but this does not work. If I want to give 30 days of trial period,- they can reactivate the workbook for another 30 days as soon as the trial period expires.


In a future version, we’ll add online activation, similar to our HTML Executable software.
When generating a key, do you keep a record of the user who requests it?

Yes I am keeping a log of who is requesting.
What is the timeframe for this functionality? My site is close to go live now.