Right to left text


A few month ago I update you that in a right to left language the text in going upside down.

I have the last version of the XLS-Padlock and I have tested it just now and it still not working well.

Here is an example of the way that the text appears versus the way it was written (the exampe is in English but the source is in right to left language) :
“I like the XLS-Padlock software”
“software XLS-Padlock the like I”

As you can see the words appears like mirror but not the letters.

This issue happens every place were I can write like in the “HTML editor”, and the translate .sil file…

Thank you

Did you enable the new RTL option?

Is it correct on the following screenshot:

It works good but in the HTML editor the display in the bottom still reversed, but it’s not critical for now because the end user don’t get it like that.

The HTML editor should be working now in XLS Padlock 3 if the RTL option is enabled.