Running a full product and a demo product


How can you run a demo product of 10 days and a full product on your woocommerce store. Can you run the maincontroller and ini with both this options to allow both options ?

You’ll have to set up two Woocommerce activation kits in two different folders on the same server. Then connect each product to its own Woocommerce activation kit.

Fabulous thanks for explanation


Copied the kit to different location changed the master keys and security master key amended the demo settings on the maincontroller file but when the book is now validating it says that its corrupted. So something is not working. I have also amended the settings on the exe with the new location and keys

2 questions
Should the base url change or not? and then the rest APi secret en consumer keys should the same keys be used or must I create new keys for the demo…So I have problem running a demo and a full product. What am i missing support ???

Please urgently help please

Looks like the private key (in Online Activation page) isn’t the same in your config.ini and in your XLS Padlock project.

Suppose you have two workbooks A and B.

The base URL for A must always point to the folder where the kit has been installed and configured for the workbook A.
Same for B. Another folder, so anothe base URL.

Next error

Changed the base url as follows

Full product /wordpress/activation

in ini /wordpress/ (full product works)

Demo Product

I have set the base ur in the ini to

getting now failed to use Wordpress Rest Api

What am I missing

Any error message?

Seems the base url must be the same as the full product otherwise the Rest api dont work…so its false what you said it must be the same …changed demo to full product base url and now its working

We don’t see what you mean. Your post is a bit confusing sorry.

You said the base url will change…it does not. Both the demo and full version must point to the wordpress directory for the rest api to work.

so not (this give rest api error)

it must point to the same directory as the full product namely

By base url, we meant this one:

You were speaking of the “wordpress base url” in the config.ini (wprestbaseurl)

They are different.

The “wordpress base url” must always point to your wordpress base directory.

I was referring to the ini file in the kit