"Save As" in xlspadlock

Dear Sirs,
1.- Can my clients “Save As…” the files to the input data?
2.- How the can share the file mentioned in 1) to third parties?

My interest is to have protection on my VBA code and some protected area.

  1. I want to allow my clients to “Save As” new name after updating the input data.
  2. Also I want to allow them to send to others the updated file, so they also can update and save input information.

In any case, they can view the VBA or protected area.

Please let me know if it is posible with xlspadlock.


Yes, XLS Padlock allows protected workbooks to be saved as encrypted workbook files (in XLSC format). These files can only be opened by the EXE you built with XLS Padlock.

To share a modified workbook, customers must have a copy of the EXE file and then they will be able to open the XLSC file you send them.