Save file are not saved when opent in another computer


I created an file with XLSPADLOCK with some restrictions (Incl. Dongle)

This scenario is gonna happend.
I change some data on the sheet and save it.
When i reopen it with the same computer (same USB Disk) it will shown changes. But when i open it on a another computer (with the same USB Disk) the changes where gone.

In the images, shown my settings. What did I wrong and how can I fix this problem?

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You configured XLS Padlock to save changes automatically. So they are saved on the computer were you run the EXE for the first time. If you want these changes to be portable and stored on the USB stick, you must configure the EXE to save these changes in the same folder as the EXE, and of course, the EXE must be on a writeable disk such as a USB stick.
To make changes portable, do this:

i did this and it works. De EXE file is stored on a shared network place. But now i will transfer the file to another pc, for showing. But the sheet is empty.
(i copied the 3 files: .exe .DAT. .XLSC(Called JUSTICT)

How can i fix this problem?

Open the .DAT file in a text editor and check the full path to the XLSC file. If the sheet is empty, this means that the EXE could not find the XLSC file’s location.

There shown the path of the networkshare.

Is it possible that i add another path more? that i’ve 2 paths for the location?

Sure, just add other paths manually (one path per line). It’s possible.

It works when I used 1 line
But when i add a second line, it won’t work. is that possible?

Also thanks for your quick reply!

Yes, other lines are used if the first XLSC file can’t be found.

It Won’t work. When line 1 is not the good ones, it opens a blanco sheet.
When I set only 1 line with the good location, it will work.

Code in DAT file is:

"Path to file Computer 1"
“Path to file Computer 2”

When you move the files to the USB stick, make sure the path is the one of the USB stick on the new computer.