Saving time of compiled file drastically increased with respect to non compiled file

I have compiled a 30MB excel workbook and when saving a variant via the secure saving option the time for saving the file takes ages compared to the un-compiled file. In order to try to reduce this time I have hidden all the cells that are unnecessary to see for the final client and I have manually set all of these cells properties to “unlocked” and “not hidden” in the un-compiled version. Then I have hidden the rows and columns protected by a password in the worksheet protection (still in the un-compiled file) but it did not seem to have much of an influence. I was able to speed the process somewhat up by saving the un-compiled file as a binary file but still the times for saving between compiled XLSPAD and un-compiled Excel file are hugely different. Any other ideas what I could do to speed up the saving process ?

The problem certainly lies in the fact that XLS Padlock also encrypts your save file. So it takes the time for Excel to save the normal workbook, and then the time for XLS Padlock to encrypt data and save it as a file on the hard disk.