Screensaver: HEScript command to map mousemove to exit APP?

Dear folks,

i want to compile my html application (littel jQuery Animation with text and graphics) to be a screensaver (in core by renaming it .exe to .scr).
Works almost fine, except for the exit: users have to exit the program by hitting Alt-F4 :roll:

Is there a HEScript command that can be used to map the mouse move event to the exit of the application?

Thanks for any hints!


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OK, after a little research here’s the solution using jquery event “mousemove” on the “body”-tag in cobination with the HEScript “MacroExit”:

    $('body').mousemove( function() {
      try {
        window.external.GetHEScriptCom('Macros.MacroExit', 'none');
      } catch (e) { 

One last thing: The publication always exits with a system beep. Can this be suppressed?
Thanks for hints again!

AFAIK there shouldn’t be any system beep. Maybe an unexpected error displayed in a message box?

Thanks for your inquiry.
The system beep was due to a JS error, I suppressed these and its OK now.