Scroll Bars in IE Based Viewer

I’m having difficulties with HTML Executable 4.5. I’ve created my product using the Internet Explorer based Viewer. I have checked the “NoScrollBar” box in the IE Browser section of the Visual Controls, but every page in my product has a scrollbar even though the entire thing fits in the window without the need for scrolling. So I get a scrollbar on every page that is inactive…in other words, it’s there, but there’s no box in the bar to drag to scroll because there’s nothing to scroll.

How do I get rid of this bar since it’s not necessary and not even active? No other posts in the forum address this…they all say you can’t remove scrollbars if you’re not using the IE Viewer, but that’s what I AM using…?

Since you are using the viewer, see this;

You can try using a CSS file, set the style in each page or try this, replacing the with <body scroll=‘auto’;>. Auto will supply the scroll bars, if needed. If you use hidden, and the content is more than what is in the window, you will not be able to access anything past the end of the window.

Remember, the above, will be based on the viewer capabilities.

Good luck,