Search brings up result SUntitled but all pages have titles

I am getting odd results in my search queries.

The program indexes my pdf files and returns
search results as follows:

Letter to the Educator.pdf

Synopis of Episode 4.pdf

Instant Lesson list for Teachers.pdf

What is “SUntitled” and how do I make it
more useful information, OR how do I remove it entirely from
my search results?

SUntitled is a resource string that lets you translate the “Untitled” word that should appear when no title was found. You can add it to the Resource strings:

Then enter what you want in the “Value” field (or leave it blank).

First, I would like the word “SUntitled” to not show at all.

Second, I would like your search results to be more like google search,
in which a user sees the sentence in which the word appears
so the user can judge the relevancy of the search result before
they click to open the file.

So follow the instructions above and set the “Value” field to nothing (just click Apply).
We may improve the search engine to display the “context” in a future version, but it requires additional memory and processing time (because the viewer has to extract files to memory, parse them and extract some of the content).