Search with word delimiters [SOLVED]

Please help me ! How can I search document with word delimiter like “15/2010/NĐ-CP”. I go to Environment option/General option/word delimiters to clear the delimiter like “/” and “-”, but it searched nothing but in fact inside my ebook has a lot of word/ phrase like “15/2010/NĐ-CP”. Thank you so much

The word delimiters in “Environment options” are ignored if you do not uncheck “Use default word delimiters based on Unicode character categories”. Take a look at about how this option works.

thank you so much!
I have other questions:

  1. I have an ebook, it must be update everyday. How I create each version (eg. release on 1.2013 or 2.2013) and My user only use my ebook until they register each relevant version. In present, if I update my ebook, it remains work to the users who register the old version.
  2. And when I change my global password, my user copy the lastest version, it turns to “invalid password” error (I set "ask for the password only once and store it) . How to let my user type the new password to the new ebook.
    Pls help me
  1. Just recompile your updated ebook and distribute the updated EXE file to your customers. If you don’t change publication GUID or Certificate IDS, new ebooks will recognize registration keys stored by older versions.
  2. In that specific case, it would be better that you use registration keys rather than simple password protection. Or you have to generate a cleanup utility program. Learn more at and

Thank you.
I have other questions:

  1. Please tell in detail me how to upload my ebook as your web online documentation to my server.
  2. Tell me the reason when I compile html to exe directly from my root folder, the exe files size are always bigger than ebook that I compiled to chm file (from html help), then decompiled that chm file, and compile with HTML Executable from the folder I decompiled.
  3. Where is your Hescript bank?
    Thank you so much!
  1. This feature does not exist in HTMLExe: we do the contrary. We export the existing web documentation (wiki) to offline pages and we compile the export into an EXE file.
  2. Explanation in help:
  3. See or the help file has also samples.

Thank you so much for your great help.