Selectdirectory - set initial tree node rather than just root?

Hi, I am using the hescript inbuilt selectdirectory function to pick a directory. I am storing the selected directory, so that next time the application runs, it can show the same directory previously selected as part of the listed folder tree (so users could pick another folder, or just select the previously used one). Or at least that is what I am hoping to achieve. I have passed the stored directory as the 2nd argument to selectdirectory, and it is setting that directory as root, unfortunately that isn’t quite what I want as users are then unable to move up the tree to select another folder… . Is there a way in the current version of not setting the root, but setting the initial path of the tree structure ?

eg if there was a folder structure c:/data1/data2/data3/data4, and user previously selected folder data3 it could then pass c:/data1/data2/data3 to selectdirectory, but rather than it then showing just data3/data4 as selectable folders (as data3 would be root), it showed the full tree c:/data1/data2/data3/data4 but with data3 folder highlighted ?

Or would this need a future expansion ?

I know hescript is based I believe on Delphi… is there an alternative I can use to selectdirectory I can use to achieve this result. Fairly standard on most windows applications to show previously saved tree structure highlighted.

Thanks for any help given. I hope you understand my request.

You’ll need to wait for a future version.

Thanks, but I notice exeoutput for php can call windows .dll files - would it be possible to call a get directory function instead via a windows .dll ?