Set silent print global variable

When I am finished with this project, I should have a decent grasp of ExeOutput … I do love it. However, I have little aggravating things pop up that I just can’t figure out. The latest: just before I print a pdf file I try to invoke the silent printing mode by assuring the global variable hedirectprint is set
exo_SetGlobalVariable(“hedirectprint”, “1”, true);

Is that syntax wrong? I have tried it in my startup file which sets variables for my application and I have placed it in PHP just before my javascript call window.onload=function(){self.print();}

I still get the print dialog window which I am trying to avoid.

Any idea are appreciated.

Are you using Chromium or Trident engine?

Using Trident. I gave Chromium a shot, but climbing this learning curve, I decided to not mess with it for now.

When I entered that topic, I was running on Windows 7 Pro. Now I am running on Windows 10, but same result. I am not sure if it is my syntax or what … or where I am placing the setglobalvariable for hedirectprint. I have created a very small, one-page, php page to keep it simple and see if I can figure it out. No success at this point.

If you use JavaScript to print, maybe you should set the global variable with JavaScript instead of PHP. See the doc about the JavaScript code for that.

I am facing same problem i need your help my topic is Silent Printing in exeoutput or direct print to defaut printer

Sorry, Raza, I can be of no help. I finally gave up on that issue after
burning day upon day of development time. My clients are seeing PDF
files which I wanted them to print silently … I gave up and have their
default PDF viewer handling their print selection(s). I hope you come
to some resolution.


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