Seven days trials and how it works

I need some advise please. I am selling Spreadsheet product. I needed a 7 day trial and a finished product… So I used your ActivateA (folder) for the product and ActivateB (folder) for the 7 day trial. Also I am using online activation. So my question is… Is the 7 day activation limit embedded in my .exe wrap up, Or is it embedded in the Activation code ? If its embedded in the activation key (not yours … but the one woo uses) I won’t have to make 2 EXEs. If it is encoded into he exe I will have to. Yes I realize that if I’m using your key generator its in the key … but what about when I’m using online activation with Woo?

The activation time limit is embedded inside the activation key generated by the XLS Padlock WooCommerce Integration Kit and returned by the server.
It’s also better to have two EXE files, a public one and a private one. The public one for the trial could contain a more restricted workbook for instance (you don’t include all of the features of your registered workbook version).