Several problems on my first project (SOLVED)

I’m beginning with Exeoutput. For try it, i have build a project with a complete Php application. This aplication include CSS, JAVASCRIPT (JQUERY also) and work with ODBC database.
After build project with default options the result is the following:

  • After init, the message “Fatal PHP Error: Runtime Error (at -1:0): Access violation at address 0293FAA6 in module ‘EOutRun.dll’. Read of address 00000000” appears.
    -Clicking on Home button, it view the init page without any CSS applied and no data from database.
    -With option DEBUGGING ON, show message “PHP falta error: Class ‘Config’ not found in …”. The class ‘Config’ should be charged with __autoload method on PHP page.
    Conclusion, not run.
    Any suggestion?

It is possible that your project needs some tweaking.

  • Try to “disable multithreading” in PHP Settings / Main Settings / General Options to see whether the “Access violation at address XXX” problem is fixed or not.
  • Is your CSS generated by PHP or from a regular CSS file? Did you check in the log whether the CSS is correctly read by the program?
  • If you use __autoload, you should try to unpack the files that should be loaded by autoload to virtual memory at startup.
    See this help topic:
    when the application starts, it unpacks the file to the virtual storage (the virtual subfolder named “Data” from the folder where the EXE is located). Note that the file is not unpacked to the hard disk, but in memory (see Accessing Source Files from PHP). Thus, it can be accessed by php like a regular file on the disk.
    The same goal can be achieved with the internal exo_unpackvirtualfile php function.

__autoload scans a folder for existing PHP files. Since they are not available, they must be first unpacked with the previous option.

  • The “Access violation error” do not appears after disable multithreading.
  • The CSS files are regular files called in HTML page with LINK tag. Not load the file. None CSS class are applied.
  • The __autoload run ok after unpack the file.

please help us what you are doing …

tell us your project structure, how you call css file (part of your html file which call css)

please next time if you want help, give more information, project structure, sample code etc

Yes, how is the CSS called by your HTML code? In IE9, Microsoft added a security feature that prevents CSS from being loaded when they miss the correct content filetype such as “text/css”.
On your computer, which version of IE are you using?

There is a workaround Application Settings - Visual Controls => IE Browser Properties, set UseIE7CompatibilityMode to True.

Bingo!!! It works setting the UseIE7CompatibilityMode option to TRUE.
The IE version is 9.0.
I’ll try more possibilities.

I had this Access Violation at address 078ef5a0 and it delayed me for a long time, but I discovered it’s because I enabled under debugging “store request and error in log file” and “Legacy virtual file system.” I don’t know which one really caused it, but I chose not to find out. You can do that if you have the same issue.

Do not use “Legacy virtual file system”. It will be removed in future updates.