SHA1 OR SHA2 codesigning

with xlspadlock will I be able to code sign applications using SHA1 or SHA2 code signing certificate
since compilation screen has option for sha1 only does that mean sha2 cannot be used ?

if any of them can be used which one is preferable

It can also do SHA2 (which is also known as SHA256):


I have a “TripleDES SHA1” is it the same as SHA1 ?

Where did you see TripleDES SHA1 for code signing?

I meant I have two certificate, one of them is TripleDES SHA1 the second is SHA2

Use SHA2 then.

will only SHA2 work on windows xp or windows vista users ?

No, Windows XP only recognizes SHA1. But XLS Padlock supports adding SHA1 and SHA2 double signatures to your EXE files.

I’m not sure I understood…

XLS pad lock not support TripleDES SHA1 and I have TripleDES SHA1 and SHA2, So I will use only SHA2 and it will work only on windows vista or later ? is it correct ?

Have you already tried to use your TripleDES SHA1 and SHA2 certificates with XLS Padlock directly?

No, I don’t know nothing about SHA1 or SHA2 or any type of SHA, and I never use it before.

I bought the certificate two month ago and want to start distribute my EXE files with it.

Then just use the certificate you bought with XLS Padlock. If you followed the instructions of your vendor, it should be compatible. And in XLS Padlock choose dual signing (SHA1 and SHA2).

Ok, but you didn’t answer me if SHA1 is the same as TripleDES SHA1 ?

I want to use the XLS dual signing - but I don’t know if the TripleDES SHA1 is the same as SHA1.

TripleDES is anyway not used for code signing, so SHA1 will be used.