Sharing exe on network computer


I made a site with mysql database and session login.
Company network has a network drive G: so i made a virtual disk on my exe program. Works fine!
Now that im done i put it to test, and i can only have one program logged in at the same time. Differens session users but error that target computer denied access. Can try solving problem one thing at a time cause cant have program on the conpany only at home.

Is this a session issue? Or cant i have 2 running exe files with database?
Is this fixable?

Tried the session.save_path = “%EXOPHPVIRTUALTEMP%” - could not start program, error and did not show up in phperror logg.

Tempted trying to create a session create id if it a problem that it somehow creates same id?

Ok… just found that the solution in not a solution… That only one instance of the exe can run when connected to mysql database, correct?
Should have read up alittle bit more.
Bought this program alittle bit to fast :slight_smile:
Need to use my “app” on a network dir where all who works there can have a login and edit data.
Cannot use it online bcause of sensitive information. Maby need to learn another language.

Be happy to take some tips on how to solve this in a easy way tho.

When you start the EXE file, the MySQL webserver is started too. But nothing prevents you from running a second instance, except that the MySQL webserver won’t work.
What about just creating an EXE file that works as a client, and having your webserver stand-alone? That would not generate problems.

Wont work. tried getting access installing webserver and mysql on network but IT said no.
I got no access. Was overjoyed when i found the exe solution that did not requier an installation.
This was a webpage before, and needed it to be a local webpage.

I dont have that many choises, cant use CMD, cant make installation, dont think i will be able to pull this one off. Every solution i can think of generates another problem.

Ok so my brain is on solution mode and one way might be that i make 7 copies of the exe as there are 7 departments its for with 5-6 employees eatch but can use the same exe i guess. Use an external online mysql database that all copies writes from.
Maby not the best solution but maby the best way to go about it…