Signing Error - Code 0x80190194

Paquet Builder cannot work successfully with my PFX file for digital signature now. It worked well with the same PFX file before.

I have applied a new PFX file and tried again, but it still doesn’t work.

The log shows the error message below:
Signing Error - Code 0x80190194

I have exactly the same problem - possibly due to a recent Windows 10 update - this really does need an urgent fix by the developers.
I have personally resorted to signing compiled .exe manually. …You will need to download the DigiCert utility from their website. However, this solution does not sign the uninstall package which is created as part of the compiled install .exe - this means the user may get security errors flagged when running this file.

I hope this helps as a temp fix.

We already have a fix for registered customers.
Start PB, go to Environment Options and enter
for both timestamp URLs.
If the issue is still not solved, contact us to get a patch.

We were also affected by this error and tracked it down to the timestamp server URL. Unfortunately, we are using the console command-line compiler tool PBCMDCOMPILER, and this does not pick up the URLs I have configured in the GUI. Is there a way to set these as arguments to the compiler?

We are currently running 3.7.1. Could we upgrade to the latest version using the same license?

I am also receiving the errors in Paquet Builder. I changed the URL’s as instructed above, but it did not help.

For all customers, please open a support ticket to receive a hotfix for that issue.
The fix will be publicly included into the incoming PB 2021 release.