Signing Error: Invalid provider type specified

When attempting to sign, I’m getting:

An error occurred while attempting to load the certificate. Invalid provider type specified.
Warning: code signing failed, an error occurred.

The certificate is a GoDaddy cert. I’ve tried it with both the .pfx and as thumbprint. Same thing.


Make sure your certificate is for code signing and not just a SSL/TLS certificate for servers.

It is code signing, and it works fine if I use signtool.exe via command prompt.

Is it a EV code signing certificate? For instance, with the private key lying on a dongle?

Nope. Straight up plain old Code Signing from GoDaddy.


Did you try the hotfix we provide?

I wasn’t aware that there was a hotfix! Can you please provide me the link?




Sure, please open a ticket at Support Center - G.D.G. Software and you’ll get it asap.