Signing Error using own PFX signature on Paquet Builder 3.6 - SOLVED

During the compilation of the executable file I get this message when I try to use my own PFX signature

The reason why I want to get the program with the signature is because when the end user download the file on their end Internet explorer claims that there is an issue of security with the file and I am trying to avoid that situation if you guide doing a different way than this will be greatly appreciated here below is also the screen shot

I cant attach a bmp file or jpeg but please elt me know at your earliest conveneince

Total Files: 597
The archive was successfully checked.

Finalizing Package

  • Generating internal resources for package…
  • Compressing internal data…
  • Merging data into the final EXE file…
  • Digitally signing package EXE:
    PFX file: C:\Projecto CertificateTemporary PFX\KDA Applications by Chahu.pfx
    SHA-256 signature used
    GSignCode 2.1 – simple code signing utility
    Copyright G.D.G. Software 2011-2016. All rights reserved.
    Certificate Subject Name: CN=localhost
    Issuer: CN=localhost
    Serial Number: 20B8AD69C5EC3BB443BE551EFD610A50
    Signing C:\usr\KDA OFFLine Windows Updates 3264 Bit Windows Platform 110416.exe
    Signing Error - Code 0x80070057
    Warning: code signing failed, an error occurred.
    Closing the package file and cleaning memory…

Compilation Finished
Paquet Builder has successfully compiled your package.
Package Path: C:\usr\KDA OFFLine Windows Updates 3264 Bit Windows Platform 110416.exe
Package Final Size: 3.5 GiB, 3736228656 byte(s).

Your PFX file must come from a Certificate Authority and not a local certificate test. Seems not a bug of Paquet Builder, but the normal way: test certificates are not recognized as safe.

Thanks for the reply