Silent Install With Paquet Builder

Hi there, new here so hopefully I’m following question etiquette. I have a requirement to run a package built with Paquet silently, but I’ve been unable to find a silent install flag. I’ve tried the typical commands to no avail.

I understand the tool has custom actions, is there any way to get a list of custom actions that were bundled with an executable through the command line, or is there a standard install flag that I could try?

Alternatively, if you could point me at a tutorial or something to add a silent install flag myself so that I could understand a bit better how the tool works, that would be great too.

Thanks for the help, and for your time!

You need to import the Enable Silent Mode from Package Command Line template that allows activation of the silent mode (no dialog boxes, no messages…) if the command-line switch /s is used when running the package. It works both for packages and uninstallers.
Check this topic for importing action templates: