Simple PHP Include Statement Prevents Loading

If I use a simple

<?php include '';?>

The start page in app fails to load?

Shouldn’t this behave like any standard include? In other words the page loads but the included URL does not?

Could understand if using require or require_once. But on a standard PHP page plain old include statement still allows page to load.

While that may ‘work’, you will not get the PHP code but the results of it using that link. Only local files will include the PHP code. Anything access thru ‘http’ or ‘https’ will be processed by the server it is on and only send you the results.

Yes, understand Dave.

Normally, if the page with the include statement cannot reach it continues loading. It will produce an error, but does load. Same page in EXEOut will not load at all.

That just sounds like different error settings. What are you trying to do with that ‘include’? If it is loading ‘code’ that can’t execute, then it’s not surprising that it stops. Which PHP version are you using?

I have to tell that you I just wouldn’t do that. If I need data from another site I would use file_get_contents to load it into a string variable.

The php included simply tells the user (teachers securely logged in to even use the software) if there is an update for the software. Totally understand the security implication but software is not available to the general public.

Using php7.1

Your suggestion for the file_get_contents might just work for what I am doing, thank you for the tip.

Thanks @davebaldwin! The get_file_contents works for now.

Once curl is fixed should be able to return to old method and stop all this hack madness:)

Thanks again for the input.