Sir Good day. Failed to decode session object. Session has been destroyed

Do we really need code igniter? because i now get an error
" PHP Warning: session_start(): Failed to decode session object. Session has been destroyed in D:\Data\session.php on line 4". i search about it and it’s all about code igniter. i encounter this problem when i adopt to the new update… Please need more advice or solution. Thanks

pls i need help. whenever the error kicks in , the program just go back to the my index.php

Please any help about this? code igniter is reason for the error. where can i find the config.php

Try to search stackoverflow for problems with CodeIgniter. It’s not related to ExeOutput itself.

Gud day sir. im now free of this bug. but still destroy my session in about minutes only… please sir. im badly in trouble right now… i have no error at all. the problem only is my session gets deleted automatically after a minutes. mostly when i go to another page.

By the way sir. in my web application , it’s now ok

“$config[‘sess_save_path’] = sys_get_temp_dir();”

it worked, also this "

ini_set(‘session.save_path’,realpath(dirname($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]) . ‘/tmp’));

it worked also!.

". but when i try to compile it to .exe, my session always gets deleted.

SIR CAN U PLEASE confirm if i’m right of this settings im getting through?! MYRPOB TO MY PROGRAM|690x387

Make sure that the path you’re trying exists. Or you can let ExeOutput store session into its virtual temp path. But this path will be removed when you close the EXE.

sir still “[
14-Sep-2020 10:20:39 Europe/Paris] PHP Notice: Undefined index: id in D:\Data\session.php on line 31
[14-Sep-2020 10:20:39 Europe/Paris] PHP Notice: Undefined index: position in D:\Data\session.php on line 31”.

i used what you said above.

how come it’s not related sir when i incounter this when i adopt to the new updated exeoutput to php 2020.

sorry. it now working thank you… i over do it. this ini_set shoud be implement only 1 at a time. Thank you sir.

sir still the session is not consistent. :frowning:

sir can i disable this code igniter? hahah my plans get postponed due to this session being destroyed thing.l…

Of course, CodeIgniter isn’t required at all in ExeOutput.

how to disable it sir? where can i adjust it?

and lastl;y sir. i want to know any advantage in using code igniter ? as well advantage in keeping the session? like is code igniter is more secure?

Nothing. CodeIgniter is just a framework for PHP developers. ExeOutput is a PHP compiler and has nothing to do with CodeIgniter. Session isn’t mandatory too, it depends on your project.

so sir where can i turn off the code igniter framework??

Just start a new project from scratch. We don’t use Code Igniter by default in ExeOutput, so if you still have it, it’s probably from the project template you used.