Size Error

I am working on a project so i will buy your products.
i prepare an education DVD

Lots of videos and voices in my project so when i build my project it says me

HTML Executable Compilation Log
Version 4.6.1

Publication Information

  • Type: Interner-Explorer based Viewer (IEViewer)
  • Title: MyProject
  • Company: Null
  • Date/Time: 02.04.2014 18:08:30
  • File Virtualization Settings: max. file size: 25 MB, storage capacity: 64 MB.

Reading Parameters
Checking publication settings…
Preprocessing source file lists…
First check done: the compilation may continue.

Compressing Files
Listing files to be compressed…
Beginning file compression…
Notation: U=Uncompressed Size, C=Compressed Size (in bytes).


C:\AppServ\www\js\jquery-eski.js, U: 57254, C: 18493
C:\AppServ\www\js\jquery.js, U: 93107, C: 30597
C:\AppServ\www\js\script.js, U: 4463, C: 1116
C:\AppServ\www\js\zoom.js, U: 5596, C: 1911
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\blank.gif, U: 43, C: 43
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\fancybox_loading.gif, U: 6567, C: 4656
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\[email protected], U: 13984, C: 11545
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\fancybox_overlay.png, U: 1003, C: 603
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\fancybox_sprite.png, U: 1362, C: 1310
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\[email protected], U: 6553, C: 6532
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\jquery.fancybox.css, U: 4895, C: 1419
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\jquery.fancybox.js, U: 48706, C: 12965
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\test.jpg, U: 402782, C: 402782
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\helpers\fancybox_buttons.png, U: 1080, C: 1003
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\helpers\jquery.fancybox-buttons.css, U: 2447, C: 744
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\helpers\jquery.fancybox-buttons.js, U: 3041, C: 1097
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\helpers\jquery.fancybox-media.js, U: 5305, C: 1952
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\helpers\jquery.fancybox-thumbs.css, U: 735, C: 323
C:\AppServ\www\js\fancybox\helpers\jquery.fancybox-thumbs.js, U: 3836, C: 1485
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\video-js.css, U: 20107, C: 5113
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\video-js.swf, U: 16803, C: 16803
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\video.js, U: 58078, C: 16501
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\font\vjs.eot, U: 3536, C: 1763
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\font\vjs.svg, U: 9874, C: 3204
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\font\vjs.ttf, U: 3372, C: 1712
C:\AppServ\www\js\video\font\vjs.woff, U: 4228, C: 4184

File compression done.
Number of files: 394
Total uncompressed size: 2319075572 byte(s)
Total compressed size: 2244528673 byte(s)
Compression ratio: 4%

Writing Publication
Writing publication basic settings…
Writing language table…
Compiling skin data files…
Processing file properties…
Processing map IDs…
Collecting internal resources…
Generating data for the Search Engine:
Default charset: UTF-8

  • Parsing HTML pages to collect keywords…
  • Generating index for the search engine…
    6 files(s) were indexed.
    6307 unique word(s) were found.
  • Adding search engine components…
    Generating data for navigation panels and menus:
  • Favorites Panel
  • Image Resources
    Processing custom HTML dialogs:
  • dlgaddfavorite.htm
  • dlgabout.htm
    Compiling scripts for the publication:
  • Main Script…
  • Localization Script…
  • Global Commands Script…
  • Search Engine Script…
  • Favorite Manager Script…
  • Internal HTML Dialog Scripts:
    o dlgaddfavorite.hex
    o dlgabout.hex
  • User Scripts:
    o Script "UserMain"
    o Script “Macros”

All scripts were compiled and linked.
Adding anti-debugger check…
Generating publication final data…
Generating publication executable file…

  • Generating EXE resources…
    Packaging publication data up and merging…
    Closing new publication and cleaning up memory…

Compilation Successful
HTML Executable has successfully built your publication.
Publication File: C:\Users\Desktop\akademiongosterim.exe
Final Size: 2,1 GiB, 2251561807 byte(s).

Date/Time: 02.04.2014 18:26:23
Elapsed Time: 1073 s.

Sorry I don’t understand: what is your question?

i prepare my project and when build my project
it says this error
when i start to my exe it says

Take a look at this solution: