Size of app window

Hello ,
Why after compiled my workbook no running my module with spesific size.On excel my module run normal with auto open but after compiled no.
I tried all the options normal maxim code in module is

Sub Auto_Open()
Dim iMaxWidth As Integer
Dim iMaxHeight As Integer
Dim iStartX As Integer
Dim iStartY As Integer
Dim iDesiredWidth As Integer
Dim iDesiredHeight As Integer

iStartX = 300      ' Distance from left
iStartY = 5       ' Distance from top
iDesiredWidth = 920
iDesiredHeight = 1150

With Application
    .WindowState = xlMaximized
    iMaxWidth = Application.Width
    iMaxHeight = Application.Height

    ' Adjust for starting point
    iMaxWidth = iMaxWidth - iStartX
    iMaxHeight = iMaxHeight - iStartY
    If iDesiredWidth > iMaxWidth Then
        iDesiredWidth = iMaxWidth
    End If
    If iDesiredHeight > iMaxHeight Then
        iDesiredHeight = iMaxHeight
    End If

    .WindowState = xlNormal
    .Top = iStartY
    .Left = iStartX
    .Width = iDesiredWidth
    .Height = iDesiredHeight
End With

End Sub

my window 10 , my excel 19 ,version of xlpadlock 2019.1

Please help .Thanks in advance

Auto_Open is not triggered when the workbook is run in an EXE file. Try Workbook_Open event instead.