Software is Hanged

I faced a unique problem
when user navigates from one page to another
both pages are displayed
and it gets hang( We can not do anything sometimes and then we need to close software or click on other link)

please help me.
it will be very helpful, if we guys can start chatting on some platform so we can solve each others issues very fast

as here support replies once in a week

What do you mean by that?
If the software hangs, it looks like to be a multithreading problem. Are you trying to change the UI or perform some UI task in a PHP script?

i have normal php script
for example :
there are 2 links ()
leads to two different pages

now i opened first link - now its fully loaded (it also has datatables jquery)
now i click on second link - Some times 1 in 10 times what happens is first page doesn’t goes of and 2 page also loads

so here i see 2 pages like content of two pages in one
(Gives error - can not load already loaded datatables)

(Not using any ajax)