SOLVED Fail to launch other app that contains Chinese character in its path

I used paquet builder 2020 to build a package.After file extracting,I launch a program exe which I set the path %DESTPATH%\Setup.exe for.But if user choose a target folder that contains Chinese character,it would fail to start the setup.exe.

What should I do to deal with this situation?

Looks like an encoding problem in the “Setup Filename” field. We’ll check that.
As a workaround, use a custom action “Execute a program file” and tick the “WaitForEnd” property.

OK,I get it.Thank you for reply.


I checked my program and found that the encoding problem is cased by my mistake.After I fixed it,the program worked well.

Thanks for the follow-up and great that it works for you :grin:. It was actually a bit surprising since Paquet Builder is fully-Unicode enabled and we use UTF-8 internally to manage all non-English characters in C scripts.