[SOLVED]Old XLS file is build instead of a new one

After i deleted my xplp file and reconfigured again XLS Padlock and now I can see my spreadsheet, but its an older version that i used previously when i initially used XLS Padlock
I am using same name for the xls file i try to protect.
Does XMLPadlock save the original XLS version somewhere on the drive and use that for build? in other location?
Also in this last xplp file i did not save the icon and when i generate the file it has the XLSPadlock icon. BUT when i drag the file it shows my icon that i have previously used…

UPDATE:I found the location C:\Users\LOGINNAME\AppData\Roaming\XLSPadlock\UserApplication`

But in the XLS PADLOCK setup you have option to put the DAT and save file in the same folder as the XLS you want to protect