[solved] Run the exe on an Network Share


i try to run the EXE on an Windows Networkshare.
It runs, but if i try to include php Exstension, the app says: unable to load dynamic library ‘\the-pc\THEAPP\Data\ext\openssl.dll’

I try different options:
Keep file external,
Unpack the file to virtual memory,
I changed the PATH to external file… nothing works.

Any Help for me?

I got it working…
If anyone wants know:

Index.php -> Properties: Check: “unpack the files to virtual memory at startup”

PHP Settings:
Edit the php.ini change “extensions_dir” Value to: “Data/Ext”;

Extensions Tab:
Right Click on the needed Extension: Copy in the “Data\ext” folder…

After compile the App you have the Data\ext folder in source dir. Copy this to the output directory.
Start the Exe and it will work.

Hint: If you try to put Data from the exe into a subfolder, you have to create it under “Data”!

Sorry for my bad English.

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