Solver and other add ins

I am trying to have Solver available, checking checklist but doest work. I also inserted the ProgID of an com add in but doesnt work. I need help. Thanks.

Is this option enabled?

Yes, that option is enable!!
I will try reinstall a fresh copy of office over a freh copy of windows and test it. Maybe there is an Interop assembly that wasnt installed. Maybe?

In part ins resolved. I installed the demo on another computer that has only one instance of excel running and Solver loaded as an addin in the application. No problem.

But I tryed to have another addin (a demo from add-in-express) but didnt load. I used the key: XLToys.AddinModule that I obtain from this directory with regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Excel\AddIns\XLToys.AddinModule

I am doing something wrong?

By default, XLS Padlock disables all addins. Try the following advanced option:

Thank you!