Sqlite encryption in php

Please check
feature is not working
first i tried to encode sqlite .DB database file also marked as external file
it didnt worked
then i tried on .txt file
that also didnt worked

it’s so painful

please help me with sqlite database encryption or something like that please @oldteacher

i already tried this - php_pdo_sqlcipher/BUILD.md at master · kynetiv/php_pdo_sqlcipher · GitHub
But didn’t worked

@gdgsupport please give us an update fast :pray: :pray: :pray:
at least something for sqlite3 encryption

The encryption feature will work for PHP external files only. Not SQLite or other extensions.

The problem would be that encrypted files will be read-only. We are working on some workaround but the current problem is for very large SQLite database files.

Its been so long
please give some solution…

tried rindeal one
successfully encrypted database
but still no idea how to integrate this with php
replaced dll but then php gives error that SQlite3 class not found
help please