SQLite with EXEoutput

I’m very impressed with EXEoutput. So far, I was unable to test with a database. I want to use SQLIte.

Any of you have time, to show me ? I will pay you of course

real.drouin @ paromail.com


Sure, SQLite is supported. You can find a sample in the General Demo that ships with ExeOutput (source code is provided).

You have to enable the extension as described in ExeOutput’s manual or in the documentation http://www.exeoutput.com/help/databases
The SQLite library is not included by default. It’s a PHP extension that may be enabled using the “PHP Settings -> PHP Extensions” page in ExeOutput for PHP. Enable these two extensions:
php_sqlite3.dll (SQLite 3) or php_sqlite.dll (previous SQLite version)

See also http://www.exeoutput.com/help/phpextensions.htm