StartTimer, StopTimer, OnTimer - any working example?


As in subject, has anybody working example? :frowning:


They are not working yet and will be removed in future update, because we have plans to offer a timer component in order to simulate CRON jobs.


Great :slight_smile:
I have some important ideas about future of exeoutput, but need to profesionally describe you in swimlane diagrams.
First should be Hooks and Anchors Design Patterns -
Finally when it is possible to use phpscripts to use in Hescript it should be very easy for you to define some hooks.
Before exeoutpt starts
After Body is ready
etc, etc


Look at this repository, it is for PHP, all you have to do is:

  1. allow user to select which script should be execute in the background every second, simple like allow to select which script is starting for application index.php, start.php etc :slight_smile:
  2. put this repository address in documentacion or in exeoutput gui , rest is in users hands :slight_smile:
    What do you think?

Or have you got any alternative in delphi?


Thank you for your suggestions! We’ll have a look :slight_smile:


Is there any current solution for adding cron jobs for a compiled app ?


You can use AJAX to perform tasks in background for instance.


I’m after something that can run without any user intervention.