Startup doesn't provide option of a recent save; choose save file uses obsolete directory

We’re on the 2022 release of XLS padlock.
When I start up the .exe program I have two issues:

  1. The “Load a recent save” is grayed out, even if the spreadsheet was previously saved.
  2. When I select “Choose Save File” the directory displayed is not the directory of the .exe file; it is one I saved an older version of the program in 2 weeks ago.

Anybody have any ideas?

For point 2, Windows remembers the last directory for apps and we do not set the initial directory ourselves. Not really a bug.
For point 1, that means that no save file was found. Are you using the Universal EXE format?
And did you receive a pre-release of XLS Padlock 2022 before the public release?

Point 1:
Was using the Universal EXE and it grayed out the “Load a recent save”. When I tried “64 bit only”, it came back. This will be a problem for 32 bit clients.

I did receive the prepublic pre-release of XLS Padlock 2022. I removed completely, rebooted, and did a fresh install of the publicly released version.

Point 2: It doesn’t seem consistent. Shouldn’t the Save file be the ones referenced in the .dat file? Any way to set the initial directory. The one from some windows “app” doesn’t really relate to the .exe application.

We will investigate.

I added the request to our TODO list. Thanks.

Appreciate whatever you can do.

We’re going to distribute to two large management companies and we start training in about a week.

I’m happy to beta-test if that would help.

Steve Glanstein

+1 (808) 423-6766

[email protected]

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Noted, we’ll contact you when a Beta is available.