Status Updates

Just curious, if any of the following will be included in the next release?

1.) Virtual Path Concerns -
First post. To avoid occasional errors, where I stated The second one works fine, I had to use the “http://heserver/”, included in the link.

2.) Windows/Popup Quirks in 4.2 -
First post issue #1. If using a shortcut, maximized, to open the EXE, the first popup opens full screen. Doesn’t make any difference which popup. They are all fine after that. Using, the maximize instead of the minimize window call in the documentation, that works about 90% of the time in starting the EXE in full screen. It is in the index.htm. Using a maximized shortcut, prior to release 4.20 did not have this behavior.

3.) Windows/Popup Quirks in 4.2 -
First post issue #2. Is it possible to have two or three popups opened on top of the main EXE at the same time without using 3rd party utilities?

4.) Problem with resizing Popup Windows after compiling -
First and Last Post. As I tested, two paramaters can be passed by the command. In the ShowPopup reference, is there any way to disable the toggling of the fullscreen and have it totally non resizable? If not, I will need to find a workaround to display popups.

On a side note, is there a list of items that have know problems or issues like passing parameters with


These issues were added to the TODO list. The problem with is that all parameters passed are ignored by the Webbrowser control, except height and width. That’s why we provided ShowPopup.
It is normally possible to create non resize-able popups: see and search for “noresize”.

I have tried the popup with the noresize, even thou you cannot resize the popup size, you can still force the popup to fullscreen by clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner of the popup window.

I am trying to put a 3 tiered menu in the popup so the user can move it around, possibly to a second monitor. It is based on the size of the menus. Using the, the popup is resizable and can be open fullscreen. Using the noresize option in the HE popups, you cannot resize the popup but you can still force the fullscreen mode by clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. I would consider this an oversight of the programmer if I seen this in an application.

I can understand the some of the limitations after compiling the code. One of my frustrations, is the differences in the defaults between the browser and the compiled code, with the example below.'register.htm','abc','width=600','height=400');
  1. In the browser, the noresize, is off by default and can be changed, if needed. You cannot resize, or toggle with the right hand corner button, with the above example.

  2. After compiled, the noresize is on by default and cannot be changed.

  3. Change the code to a HE popup, with the noresize, you cannot resize the window but it doesn’t disable the button in the upper right hand corrner like the option in #1. I would prefer that the user would not have the option to open a window fullscreen with a only a menu displayed.

If the above cannot be achieved, a couple of possible workarounds, include.

A. Since you cannot use the resizeTo() in a compiled app, possibly use the “Const SW_RESTORE = 9;” from a HE function, when the resize has been detected. I have already included all five options when adding the code for the maximize on startup.

B. Use a div to hold the menu and display on a click or mouseover. The down fall, is it cannot be moved to a second monitor. Since I use frames and iframes, this could be a major problem. Worst case, it could be in the banner page where the testing was done.

My goals, is the user experience and making sure the application looks as professional as possible, both in looks and functionality. Also, after release, provide a link in the User Showcase, to show some of the benefits of the HE compiler to your new potential buyers and more exposure for my application.

Some examples of what is included so far.

  1. The 3 tiered menu is color coded for new, locked and a combination between version updates. It retains it settings from a page refresh and can retain it’s settings between sessions. At some point, after release, I hope to have the capability of the menus automatically being rebuilt between versions to update the above codes for both the existing and new entries.

  2. A session history of the last 10 viewed articles. Cleared between sessions. This is different of the current forward and backward buttons.

  3. A persitent history of the last, upto the last 30 viewed articles. These are saved and evaluated with CRC checking between sessions. Based on corruption and/or changes, some could be ignored on load if changed or altered. Both histories are based around arrays.

  4. More items to come.

I will test the workarounds, above and let you know the results.


As workarounds, I tested three possibilities.

  1. Using DIV’s, emulating popup windows. The main downfall, they cannot be moved around as popup windows can.

  2. Inserting the “Const SW_RESTORE = 9;”, from a HE function to restore the window to the normal size on detecting when the window onresize was triggered, when the the full screen button is pressed. Using this with an additional js function to fix the quirks of the onresize function, as it fires off numerous times. This worked pretty good. After the window is opened and tested at various locations, you see two quick flashes, one as the popoup opens full screen and the second as it is back to normal mode, in the upper left hand corner and then it settles back in it’s original location. Naturally, on a slower computer, the flashes would be prolonged.

  3. Using the showModelessDialog() window as a normal popup will not work. It has it’s place with the showModalDialog(), as good options as they were originally intended. One, you only have a close button, no minimize and no maximize buttons. The HE functions, used during the test, included both, minimize and maximize. Both functions, failed, which was no real surprise since the purpose of the windows is different than normal windows. Using a third party tool, you could remove the stay on top, but it still stayed on top, unlike regular windows. However, you could still minimize and send to the back with no issues. Surprisingly, they do have a resize option to resize the window with a mouse.

I will probably use #1 for the main menu and some popups and #2 for some other popups.

if you have any questions, please let me know.