Strange behaviour when opening heexernal URL's in default browser

I’m having a strange issue when attempting to open URLs with heexternal in my compiled app.

This is an example of the code I’m using:

<a rel="noreferrer" href="heexternal://">CLICK HERE</a>

Now if my default browser (Chrome) is already open, when I click on the link from within the compiled app it works fine, chrome opens a new tab and the URL is displayed as expected.

However, if Chrome is not already open, when I click the link Chrome opens but crashes with error messages appearing stating various extensions have stopped working etc - Chrome’s browser window remains empty but with a dark grey screen.

I’ve tested with all Chrome extensions disabled and the same thing happens.

Any clues?

Not having your exact issue and works fine with Chrome closed. Have links exactly like yours in my software.

Running: Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

But, have noticed some very strange issues with Chrome over the past month. Asked around on Chrome forums and was told to try this official Microsoft fix:

Have not experienced any more issues but like I said, not having same issue as you :slight_smile: