Strange Happenings in V2020.2

When using javascipt to open a new window, target=_blank and heexternal not longer work from the opened window.

Example javascipt:


(yes, I need to use http://heserver/ for this since software interacting with school network)

Once you have the window open, if you have <a href="" target="_blank">Google</a> nothing happens when link clicked on.

If you use <a href="heexternal://">Example</a> , a new popup EXEOut window opens instead of using users default browser.

This worked fine in V2, V2019 but not in V2020.

In a catch 22 here. V2019 produced software stopped working correctly on Win 10. Now I have bought 2020 and stuck in real bind.

PS: would have posted real javascript code, but once again the board has started showing 403 popup when trying to do so.

Did some more testing. Even opening a new exeout window using target=blank the heexternal://https:// does not work.

The default browser does not open. Title of popped up exepout window changes to the link heexternal://https://…

How can I get this fixed? When will this be fixed?

We’ll try to reproduce the problem and fix this in next update.

Have you tried the Preformatted text option?

Yes of course, that is what I used throughout the post when started this thread. But will not work on javascript like I showed in the screenshot.

Will not be hard to reproduce the error for target blank and heexternal. Open a window using target blank that contains a link with heexternal.

I really need to get a fix for this. Only reason I needed a update was the Windows 10 issue and now cannot get my software updated due to this issue, very frustrating to say the least.

Here is a patch that fixes the link problems in popup. Download it and unpack the EXORun.dat file to the “CEFRuntime” folder (in ExeOutput’s installation folder).
Then restart ExeOutput and build your project again. The patch will only work with ExeOutput 2020.2.1 (the current public one).

I could just hug you! Thanks, will give it a try shortly.

See the 2020.2.1 version on download exe file name, so should be good to go.