String Protection

I have a question about string protection function.
Add the first string. -> The name is “str1”.
Add the second string -> The name is “str2”.
Remove “str1” -> Now “str2” is only left.
Add the new string -> The name is again “str2”.

Now there are two “str2”, and which value does exo_get_string(“str2”) refer to?

When you add a new string, you are prompted to enter its name. A default name is offered, but you can change it to what you want. In that case, just avoid a string with the same name.
We’ll fix this problem in next update. Thanks!

I was never prompted to input the name but only the value. I used 2018
Trial on Windows 10 japanese edition.

OK, we’ll add an option to rename strings.
As a workaround, just ignore these “str2” values.