Subscription Based lock

Hello, I am unable to find any explanation of whether (or how) it is possible to have an ongoing subscription for a compiled app. I am in the process of setting up woocommerce but I am not sure if its even possible to, lets say, charge $xx / mth and have the app repeatedly (and automatically) remain unlocked for as long as the client pays the subscription fees? I understand the ability to create 30 day time limits etc, but it feels bit clunky if the client has to go online and purchase a new licence every month.
Many Thanks in advance, Paul

Next update of our WooCommerce Integration Kit will offer support for the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. It will do exactly what you are looking for: allow access to the workbook as long as the subscription is active.
We are also working on a new FastSpring Kit. FastSpring is a reseller which supports subscriptions too.

Thank you for the reply. Can you give approximate timescales for this please. Is it in the pipeline and weeks away, months, or years? It will impact my decisions on the licensing I sell for my app in the next month or two. Best, Paul

It will follow the release of XLS Padlock 2020.2 scheduled in two weeks.

Excellent - Thank you very much!

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