Sugestion: Loading Page + Injected Javascript

I’m testing the Beta, this is better than the old version.

I have some sugestions and bugs to report.

  1. Allow create a "Loading Page"
    This page will show util the PHP load finished.
    The content of this page will load in the startup.

  2. Allow some javascript before the page load.
    This will work to create a “Loading” page and more resource.
    Before the page load this javascript is already loaded. :slight_smile:

“Rendering Engine” > “Background Color” only allow number?!

“Rendering Engine” > “Background Color” only allow number?

The setting to pass to the Chromium engine is a number, so try to convert your RRGGBB hex value to a decimal value.

  1. It is the purpose of the “Loading program, please wait…” dialog box. PHP is started during this loading time and the CEF is initialized too.
  2. Instead of choosing your PHP script as an index page, use an HTML page with the JS code you want to run and then redirects to the PHP script you want.